Build Your Brand

Social Media. Online Presence.


Readings. Performances. Festivals. Better than you imagined.

Community + Audience

Amplifying engagement.

Renner Barnes workplace

Publicity. Promotion. Outreach.

We begin with listening. Your story. Your goals. Then we build the strategic plan to bring them to life. We custom blend social media platforms, online presence, public engagement and more to yield the access and audience you are after.

Building Your Brand

Working with writers to get the word out on your work, who you are, and aligning your web presence to amplify your personal brand. Coaching you to maximize interactive engagement and connect with the audience that is waiting for you.

Events. Engagement. Experiences.

It’s that spark of connection, of surprise and delight, of being seen. Passion lives where we share creative moments together. The arts are about engagement. We love to come together, have great conversations and share work of significance. Connected communities expand our view and widen our worlds. We can generate memorable experiences where great chemistry becomes magic.

True Encounters, to Keynote and Beyond

Charismatic, industry leaders — creative practioners — even business folks way outside the box. We can introduce you to the one you are looking for (just like a great matchmaker!).


Nuts. Bolts. Sparkle.

Let’s talk editing: line, copy, and content. Add in art direction, video, cover design — practical bricks that add up to bringing dreams to life.

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