On Doing What You Love

I think people who are creative are the luckiest people on earth. I know that there are no shortcuts, but you must keep your faith in something Greater than You, and keep doing what you love. Do what you love, and you will find the way to get it out to the world. – Judy Collins

It’s sort of funny how Nikki and I ended up here. Like most good things in my life, it started with a friendship. Nikki and I met in early 2017, just after the launch of my literary magazine, Obra/Artifact. Nikki immediately jumped in, wanting to get involved with any endeavor that meant putting more fabulous art out into the world. Since then, Nikki and I have traveled to South America together. We’ve supported each other through dreams and trials, and I’ve gotten to know her so well that it seems impossible that I only met her last year.

One thing Nikki and I discovered about each other is that we love to talk about art and literature. When we find something extraordinary and beautiful, we can’t help but tell everyone about it. This segued easily into our jobs as community arts organizer (Nikki) and writer/influencer (me). We realized, too, that both of us were Jills of all trades. We were both publicists, both editors, both writers, both artists. We both couldn’t stop talking about the things we loved. We sold our friends’ books. We coached and gave inspiration. We brought seemingly impossible people and things together to create events and publications that could not have gotten off the ground without us. But through all of that, I was making a big mistake.

That mistake? I assumed everything we were doing was easy. But creating experiences – making things happen – is hard. It only feels easy to us, because we love what we do. I realized this when a coworker chided: Give yourself some credit. Just because it’s easy for you, doesn’t mean it’s easy.

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. – Marc Anthony

Nikki and I know that what you do is hard, too. Getting art out there in the world, helping people, following your passion and making a difference – we know it’s hard to step out into the world with an open heart. You’ve taken that big step, now it’s our turn to help get the word out.

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