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Which social media platforms do you recommend?

We are fluent in social media — Twitter, Facebook, Insta, Snapchat, etc. You name it, we do it. It’s key to identify where your audience is, and what is the best fit for your voice. We begin with mapping out your reach along with the scope of the project, selecting and customizing your best fit.

Do you work one-on-one?

Yes! You are our priority, and we will work closely with you every step of the way.

What about readings and book launches?

We love to set up events of all kinds. Let’s make it happen.

What are your rates?

We have a comprehensive menu of services and will work closely with you to fit your budget and your goals.

And, yes, we have a non-profit rate scale as well.

Where do you do promotions?

We are based in Florida, and we manage online and multimedia from anywhere. We also often find ourselves around the country and the world. Presence is our priority.

Where is your social media?

Rebecca and Nikki have robust platforms already in place. It makes more sense not to divide our audiences/followers. They are on Twitter, FB, Insta, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.

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