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We believe great relationships generate great work. We start with listening to you and the story of your work — the distance you’ve traveled to get to here. Each project and client brings unique needs and challenges. Next is the fun part. We custom curate what best meets your needs and then cover the next part of the journey together.

Our Story

Nikki and Rebecca joined forces in Santiago, Chile with a collaborative photography experiment. They had so much fun, they just kept coming up with more projects to do together. Then in April 2018, Rebecca said, let’s start a company. Both dynamic, innovative and little rebellious, they love making things happen together.

Meet the Team

We are just getting started. Join us.


Rebecca Renner, MFA

Founding Partner

Raised in Daytona Beach, Florida, Rebecca Renner came to writing after a years of listening to stories. She is a child of the South's extensive oral storytelling tradition. An avid swimmer, she loves reading and writing about the environment, and the state of Florida is close to her heart. She is a seventh-generation (plus) Floridian descended from Central Florida's cattle-driving settlers and a hodgepodge of other pioneers. She has won both a table setting and a hog calling contest, was a gold medalist at the National Lifeguard Championships, raised several Dixie Dwarf Rabbit Fancier's best-in-show rabbits, and has caught a snapping turtle with her bare hands. Her areas of expertise also include Florida history, science, psychology, conservation and environmentalism, medicine, social issues, and dating. Her essays have been featured in the Washington Post, New York Magazine, and Glamour. She is working on a novel.

She can be found online at


Nikki Fragala Barnes, MFA

Founding Partner

Nikki Fragala Barnes is a poet-artist in the expanded field. An arts writer immersed in language + community work. Barnes is a frequent collaborator with visual artists, musicians, and even sentence-writers. With the soul of a Floridian (born in Miami, living with her family in Winter Park) and a heart for travel, she also produces and collaborates on events to build and strengthen literary/arts communities. She is the poetry editor for Obra / Artifact, a literary journal for experimental writing, and also edits book-length works. Her material poems have appeared in visual arts shows and galleries across central Florida.

B.A.+ M.Ed. from the University of Florida, and completing an M.F.A. through Stetson University — with digital residences online:, FB+IG: @bynikkibarnes.

Black coffee, dark chocolate, old soul.

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