What We Do

Renner|Barnes creates careers. No matter what your stage in the creative process, we can help make your dreams a reality. We do development, branding, events, community engagement and more!

Building Your Brand

Working with writers to get the word out on your work, who you are, and aligning your web presence to amplify your personal brand. Coaching you to maximize interactive engagement and connect with the audience that is waiting for you.

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Events + Experiences

The arts and creativity are about engagement. We love to come together, have great conversations and share work of significance.

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Audience Engagement + Community

Passion and purpose create community. Connect with your people. We’ll help you find each other.

We build online campaigns, and we can help you engage in person, too.

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Your Message Matters

We believe great relationships generate great work. We start with listening to you and the story of your work — the distance you’ve traveled to get to here.

What. Each project and client brings unique needs and challenges. We collaborate together to set an ambitious scope that you will love.

How. It’s all about fit — we custom curate what best meets your needs and then cover the next part of the journey together. Coaching, building relationships, innovative opportunities and creative solutions — just some of the tools we use.

Why. Because your work matters.

A Unique Experience. We thrive on creative partnerships. We will build the bridge to where you’re going. And we think you’d be really awesome to work with, too.

Renner Barnes Creative can help make your business do something great with marketing, PR, and event planning.

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This is the exciting part. Let’s get started.